425 Park Avenue - Interactive Tour


An interactive walkthrough of a private New York office. This project aimed at creating a high fidelity virtual experience that allowed the user to move around and interact with the space. 

This project had serveral interactable elements such as toggleable wall and floor options, side room’s you’re able to navigate to and a system to control the various blind options. 

A system that allows the user to extend and retract the blinds while flipping through the various options. Along side this is a function that allows the user to move closer to the blind to inspect the detailing.

The office consisted of numerous side rooms, such a bathrooms, cloak rooms and kitchens. To allow the user to move to these spaces I built a teleportation system that moved the individual to these self enclosed side rooms.

This project was very detail orientated, so having the option for the client and the design team to switch between different wall cladding options was crucial.

                               A Full WalkThrough showing the space in its entirety + additional features not listed above


Aiden Kasper Shabka, London U.K.                                                  a.k.shabka@gmail.com