A Street In Points

After experimenting with various forms of 3D scanning, I attempted to use my time in quarantine to build point cloud environments with second-hand source data, to put it simply I wanted to reconstruct an area that I was unable to visit myself.

I used a method called Photogrammetry which involves using a large assortment of photographs and stitching them together to reconstruct the scene in 3D. The first hurdle was trying to obtain photographs that would provide enough information about the area I was trying to reconstruct, luckily I stumbled upon a whole backlog of video tours through every major city.

The narrow streets of Tokyo ended up being perfect. Although the point clouds are far from photorealistic, they provide enough information to emulate the physical environment.

I am working to make this available in Virtual Reality, offering the viewer to explore where they wish and not be restricted by predetermined camera angles.

Aiden Kasper Shabka, London U.K.                                                  a.k.shabka@gmail.com