A.rtificial I.dentity

This project explores the concept of how training stages of an AI algorithm can lead to forced categorization of individuals. The project consists of three rooms, each representing a different stage of the AI training process.

In the first room, visitors are introduced to the project's subject through an interview and a 3D model of them, with the aim of building an emotional connection to the person. The second room is meant to represent the process of data collection and classification, where the interview is transcribed and read by a computer-generated voice and the walls are covered in text representing the subject's "defining characteristics." In the final room, visitors are presented with completely AI-generated imagery based on the data gathered from the interview and the subject's online presence, and the final result of the training. The artwork aims to bring attention to the consequences of automatic categorization and how it can stereotype and limit the representation of an individual.

Aiden Kasper Shabka, London U.K.                                                  a.k.shabka@gmail.com