Digital Death Masks

A multiscreen Installation exploring  where ‘identity’ resides in a post-digital & post-human setting. Whether the approach be a pragmatic gaze into data independence or a spectral glance into the neo-human representations of self, the digital world is presenting a phantom like landscape littered with the potholes of autonomy, consent and individuality.

This project, as well as acting as a vessel for research, aimed to act as a visual articulation of where I feel identity resides in a post-digital & post-human landscape. Through research and experimentation my aim is to construct an environment that shadows the fractured and volatile position that I view autonomy of self-representation now rests in. Through the development stage of this project I took a more pragmatic approach, viewing this purely through an AI ethics and dehumanisation through data mining lens.. As the project exists now, I believe I have constructed a system which in my mind embodies the subvert human existence online, compartmentalised into different elements, each element either works with or against the others to build and then subsequently destroy an ever evolving identity. 

Built entirely within Unreal Engine and made to be procedurally randomised.

Shown at The Wondering I exhibiton at the Outernet.

A custom looked based trigger that would dynamically change the material properties, this mechanic was not impletmented in the final build.

Aiden Kasper Shabka, London U.K.