Shot Master Plugin


A custom built Unreal Engine plugin that automates the set up in Cinematic Projects. Built using the Python API to generate, levels, level sequences, shots and appropriate folder structures.

It’s future development will allow the plugin to be remotely operated from the web, giving a true Top Down approach to unreal engine project managment.

     UI interface  that not only displays shot information but can be used to automatically generate new shots and to put them into appropriate folders. Future development of this plugin will allow this UI to updated and controlled  in real-time from a web based spreadsheet.


The plugin generates Persistent, Enviroment and Shot Levels. The Enviroment and Shot levels are then added to the persistent as sub-levels and are given appropriate visibility toggles.

The new Levels are put into Seperate Shot and Environment folders, each new shot generates its own Level Sequence which are arranged into their own subfolder.

Each generated level sequence is set the correct frame rate and a corresponding frame length that is dictated through the UI prior to its generation. A level visibility track is added to ensure that the correct shot level is always visible when rendering.                   

A section of the underlying BluePrints and Python Code that allows the plugin to function correctly. The core of the plugins functionality relies on syncing to a CSV file stored on a network drive, the CSV file can then be turned into a data table that can be used to generate Levels and Level Sequences,
Aiden Kasper Shabka, London U.K.