~~ This is an on-going project, any imagery shown is for portfolio use only. Please do not share, Thank you! ~~

I have been working with both the scriptable tools and editor utility scripts to expand the functionality of the editor as well as to streamline and automate many re-occuring tasks.

The  user was able to move through the space on a track that is linked to a timeline, this was paired with the ability to move to specific points of interest through the building as well as being able to directly control the time of day. Below is a short
video outlining the functionality.

Crowd/Random Mesh Spawner

A tool used to for rapid spawning of crowds, randomly spawning individual objects or spawning objects in a volume. Can be used with both static meshes or skeletal meshes with animations.

Spline Tools

A custom-built spline drawing tool. This tool can then be paired with different blueprints to procedurally populate the scene with tree’s, road people etc. This was built as part of a custom world building toolkit to streamline our environment development system.

Batch Change Materials

Due to the nature of the projects, it is likely that wide spread material changes will have to be made throughout varios points in development, I built a custom editor utility script that will change all the materials of all actors using a specific material.

Real-Time Tools Documentation

To allow the tools to be used properly I put together a 9 page documentation guide to assist the artists and to aid in any potential debugging that might need to be done if i’m not present. 


Aiden Kasper Shabka, London U.K.